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Where Today’s Pilots Meet World War 2 Aircrew
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PROJECT PROPELLER was an annual reunion for ex-World War 2 aircrew held at airfield locations throughout the UK. Its unique feature was that the veterans were ferried for free to and from the venue from all over the UK and Ireland in light aircraft flown by volunteer pilots. For many of them, it was the first time they had flown as “crew” since the end of the war and, for the pilots among them, it was a chance to once again handle an aircraft. At the host airfield, the participants were treated to a street-party lunch and entertained by live, 1940's-style musical entertainment.

From its first event at North Weald in 1999 to the final event at Halfpenny Green in 2022 hundreds of veterans and private pilots participated.

1999 North Weald2000 Duxford2001 Duxford
2002 Kemble2003 Elvington2004 North Weald
2005 Kemble2006 Halfpenny Green2007 Bruntingthorpe
2008 Old Warden2009 Bruntingthorpe2010 East Kirkby
2011 Wickenby2012 Coventry2013 BBMF Coningsby
2014 Gloucester2015 RAF Museum Cosford2016 Leeds East
2017 Gloucester2018 Halfpenny Green2019 Coventry
2020 No event (Covid)2021 Halfpenny Green2022 Halfpenny Green

The full history of Project Propeller can be found HERE

The 2022 Photo Albums and Forces News TV coverage of the last Project Propeller event can be found under the 'Events' tab HERE.

We would like to thank all of our veterans, pilots and their guests who have attended Project Propeller over the years.

We could not have done it without the help of the hundreds of pilots, volunteers, Air Cadets, University Air Squadron students and exhibitors, not to mention all the airfield operators who have given freely of their time and resources. Thank you one and all.

As we say farewell, we remember you all.

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