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Where Today’s Pilots Meet World War 2 Aircrew
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LATEST NEWS (5 October 2021):

Project Propeller 2021 was a major success and our guests had a most memorable day. Sadly, next year's event will have to be the last as the ever-reducing numbers of WW2 aircrew mean that it is no longer viable to continue.
We plan to hold "The Last Rally" at Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airfield on Sunday, 19th June 2022. Aircrew veterans will be contacted prior to the event in the usual way and matched up with their pilots. However, anyone who has ever supported PP, including volunteers and pilots will also be invited.

PROJECT PROPELLER is an annual reunion for ex-World War 2 aircrew held at airfield locations throughout the UK. Its unique feature is that the veterans are ferried for free to and from the venue from all over the UK and Ireland in light aircraft flown by volunteer pilots. For many of them, it is the first time they have flown as “crew” since the end of the war and, for the pilots among them, it is a chance to once again handle an aircraft. At the host airfield, the participants are treated to a street-party lunch and entertained by live, 1940's-style musical entertainment.

The 2021 Photo Album and a video are under the 'Events' tab HERE.

VENUE: The 2022 event will be held at Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airfield on Sunday 19 June 2022. Veteran invitations will be sent out beforehand.

INVITATION: If you are ex-WW2 aircrew of any nation and you would like to attend Project Propeller, please open the "Contacts" tab and then select "Aircraft" from the drop-down menu. Send us your details in the message section and they will be routed to our Air Ops Manager who deals with new veterans.

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