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Where Today’s Pilots Meet World War 2 Aircrew
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Project Propeller (PP) was created as a mean of saying 'thanks' to our brave airmen for their service in World War 2. All of them were volunteers and they played their part with courage and determination. Many of them have not been in an aircraft since the war's end, so PP gives them the opportunity to fly again. It also allows them to socialise with other ex-aircrew in a very relaxing environment where, because of their shared wartime experiences, they feel completely 'at home'.

The task of running the event is divided up among the team despite being located around the UK and in France. PP co-founder Ian Burnstock and his wife Ursula were fully involved in every event since 1999, until Ian's death in November 2021; a truly extraordinary achievement. Without their dedication and perseverance, Project Propeller would simply not exist. Graham Cowie, our Air Ops Manager and Treasurer, maintains contact with the pilots and pairs them up with our veteran guests. He also co-ordinates airspace, ATC and medical facilities. Harry Burgoyne, a retired RAF pilot, is our Ground Ops Manager. He arranges the catering and entertainment, takes care of the logistics support and looks after the media. Nigel Marshall lives in France and is our official photographer. He also acts as our webmaster and keeps the world informed of our activities. Trevor Wood is our Hangar Supervisor and Bob Dixon, Sue Dixon and Anne-Marie Marshall make up the rest of the organising committee.

However, we could not run Project Propeller by ourselves and we are fortunate to have a brilliant team of willing volunteers behind us. A special mention must go to the volunteer pilots who give up their time and provide their aircraft for free. Teams of Air Cadets have helped with every Project Propeller since the very start and the BBMF have been staunch supporters throughout. We owe all of them a huge debt of gratitude. Put quite simply, we could not do it without all of you. Thank you so, so much. Lastly, but certainly not least, we would like to thank Simon, Andy and the team at Linxdesign for building us such a wonderful website.

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